About Us

School Organization

The French International School of Philadelphia is a not-for-profit independent school offering instruction from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The by-laws of the school were established on Jan. 22, 1991 and updated in 2016.

Our Mission

The French International School of Philadelphia, or Ecole Française Internationale de Philadelphie, is an independent pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school that serves a multicultural community and provides a comprehensive bilingual curriculum in French and in English.

Our goal is for our students to achieve at a high level in all academic subjects and to grow as creative individuals, critical thinkers and open-minded communicators, fluent in French and English. Nurtured by teachers who are native speakers certified in their respective countries, we expect our students to become global citizens and to develop a deeper understanding of and a true appreciation for other cultures.

The French International School of Philadelphia is accredited both by the French Ministry of Education and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees assumes the fiduciary responsibility for the organization and directs our long-range and strategic planning. The board is composed of 17 to 25 members elected to three-year terms and is led by the board chair; some members are French, some are American and others are international. The board includes community leaders, parents, and French and American faculty members. The Head of School, the Honorary Consul of France, and the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Parents' Association are ex-officio members of the board. The board works through committees, each led by a chair who reports to the full board.

One of the roles of the Board of Trustees is to help the school set its long-term direction. In 2022, the Board and School the following five-year strategic goals

Advise and support the school in pursuing the below objectives:
Growth – Continue to increase enrollment and leverage the expanded campus to support retention.
Sustainability – Enhance the school’s sustainability by strengthening philanthropic and educational partnerships, including collaboration with multi-national companies.
Educational Excellence – Continue to exceed qualifications for accreditation by the French Ministry of Education and the Middle States Association by ensuring excellence in all curricular areas and capitalizing on new opportunities in mathematics and science.
Technology – Utilize new and evolving technologies for all facets of school improvement, including educational programming, communication, marketing, and admissions.
Community – Encourage all stakeholders to pursue the school’s mission and strive to build a community of global citizens.

Our Faculty and Staff

The faculty and administrative staff of the French International School of Philadelphia are highly trained professionals who are specialists in their fields. They form a strong team that works collaboratively with the Head of the School. The Head of School is responsible for the implementation of the school's mission and for the management of the school. Our teachers are all certified in their respective countries and include both native English speakers and native French speakers. Our administrative staff includes an assistant head, three program coordinators, a business manager and an accountant, a development director and an admissions coordinator. Our office staff includes three administrative assistants.

Our Parents

From the time it opened its doors in September 1991, French International School of Philadelphia has relied on the generous contributions of its parent volunteers. Through our active Parents Association, all members of the school’s parent community have the opportunity to become involved in:

Fundraising, with our Annual Soirée
Social activities, such as our Halloween Fair
Community service opportunities, such as our annual Martin Luther King Day of Service

The Parents' Association meets several times each year to coordinate the events and activities that support the school. Parents are also welcome in the classrooms to share presentations with the children, help with holiday celebrations, and to chaperone field trips.