Academics: Preschool and Kindergarten

Usually the students enter PK3 when they are 3 years old, PK4 at 4 years old and Kindergarten at 5 years old.

The students are placed in the class that better meets their level of development. They integrate easily into the classroom thanks to a flexible and welcoming environment. In English and French, the students will acquire new knowledge through manipulative activities and small group work.

During these three years, children discover life outside of their family circle, the concept of space and time, their body and their senses.

Preschool: PK3 and PK4

Through songs, games, art, creative play, movement, and planned language lessons, we nurture each child's language acquisition, as well as academic and social development. In preschool, children spend most of their day in their French classroom with a native French-speaking teacher and an assistant. Depending on the level, children have two or three hours of English class with an American teacher and an English support teacher.

Preschoolers follow a balanced schedule, alternating indoor and outdoor, as well as group and individual activities. After lunch there is a rest period.

Click here to listen to recordings of our PK students singing in French!


Kindergarten is the third year of the pre-elementary grades, a continuation of preschool and a preparation for the elementary grades.

Our kindergarten program is the continuation of our preschool program. At that level, our teachers make sure that our students are well prepared to enter first grade. During their kindergarten year, students integrate the concepts of time and space, which are instrumental in learning how to read and write. They also learn good study habits and appropriate classroom behavior.

Click here to listen to recordings of our K students singing in French!