Academics: Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades

During those three years, students continue to build the foundation of their education and enter a different phase of their psychological development which allows them to become more aware of their learning and to develop effective study habits.

In both languages, we use poetry, short stories, and literature-based materials to teach Language Arts. A systematic approach is used to ensure that all grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and conjugation concepts are applied. Creative writing is a widely used tool for reinforcing and refining these skills. For example, the specific grammar skills that our students have studied in class will be used to write fiction and non-fiction texts, letters, newspaper articles or essays. The grammar skills will also be reinforced in oral presentations for other classes with organizational skills as the focus.

Math is taught primarily in French and is reinforced in English, the focus being placed on logical thinking and problem solving. Measurement, time and money are covered in both languages.

In English, the Social Studies program is presented through the novels studied in Literature. In French, our students are taught Geography and European History.

In keeping with our goal of maintaining a balanced program, we take advantage of all opportunities for reinforcing a theme across curricular areas.

Third Grade

Beginning in third grade, literature becomes the center of the program. Several novels are studied in depth and used as a basis for interdisciplinary activities. In Math, the division is introduced.

Fourth and Fifth Grades

In French and English, students refine the concepts studied previously in Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies. They focus on the specificities and exceptions of each language. They expand their knowledge through various presentations of ideas, documents, forms of writing and experiences. Geometry, which is introduced in kindergarten at the French International School of Philadelphia, reaches a high level of sophistication in the fourth and fifth grades with an emphasis on technical skills.