Academics: Homework

Because of the bilingual nature of our program, homework is regularly assigned in grades one through eight. Homework enables students to practice and reinforce skills learned in the classroom, research information, and develop independence and responsibility.

Students in grades two through eight learn to enter their assignments in an assignment notebook. We rely on our parents to monitor their child's homework by providing the time, space, and daily routine necessary for good performance.

Daily homework of about 20 minutes is customary for first graders, progressing to one hour or slightly more for fifth graders.

In middle school, which constitutes the beginning of the secondary cycle, our students are expected to develop excellent organizational skills and further develop their independence with respect to homework. The typical homework load in the middle school varies between one and two hours per night.

A one-hour study hall period is available after school on Mondays through Thursdays for students in grade one through eight. Students can complete some of their weekly homework assignments under the supervision and guidance of one of our French teachers. At 4:20 p.m., these students may be picked up from school, or Lower School students may be enrolled in childcare.